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Introduction to The Ideas Fund: Round Two webinar

09.05.22 By Beth-Louise Sturdee

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This webinar, held on Wednesday 4 May, provides an introduction to The Ideas Fund and covers the support with the expression of interest process.

This was our first in a series of webinars to give an overview of The Ideas Fund Round Two funding application process. It is intended to provide an overview of the Fund if you are thinking of applying and is open to people across the four areas, both community groups and researchers.

It covered the following:

  • An introduction to the Fund: what the Fund is about, who is eligible, and some examples of what was funded in the first round to help you think about whether the Fund is right for you
  • The application process: we share what you will need to do if you are interested in taking part in this Round of the Fund. We’ll be running an expression of interest process this time, with the deadline of midday on 8 June 2022. We also share the questions that are being asked in the expression of interest form, and provide some guidance as to what will be looked for when shortlisting
  • A run through of what local opportunities are available for you, to hear from projects in your area and spend time with your local Development Coordinators, if you would find that helpful.

We are also running the following webinars:

  • Introduction to The Ideas Fund and support with the expression of interest process (repeat of the above) Thursday 12 May 10.30 am - 11.30 am - Register here
  • Researcher  Q&A Webinar: Wednesday 18 May from 3.00 pm - Register here

The idea is that through the local sessions which follow this, you’ll get to hear more about the projects in your area and have the opportunity to ask them directly about how the process has been for them.

Further information on the application process including details of the local sessions run by our Development Coordinators can be found here.